Sunday, February 26, 2017

And She's Four...

My how the time flies. Charlie turned four this February. I just can't believe it. This year it was all about Moana. For those of you who have not seen it yet, you really should. It is a fun Hawaiian adventure story with amazing music and Charlie's request for a party theme this year. We got grass skirts for all of her girlfriends and leis for everyone.
We decorated the tables with sea shells, hibiscus and green glass beads that looked like "hearts of the island". On the food table we made a couple of Kakamora.
While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Charlie and her friends took turns getting authentic Maui tattoos.
After that we ate kalua pork, Hawaiian BBQ chicken, fresh pineapple, veggies with dip and Hawaiian rolls. When the food was gobbled up we started the games. First up was "Pin the Heart on Tafiti." I painted her on cardboard and printed out hearts to stick on. The girls loved it.
Next we did the pinata. I made it to look like the crab, Tamatoa, who has golden treasure all over his back. We used an oar instead of a bat to be authentically Moana.
We are so lucky to have such generous friends. They loaded Charlie up with gifts.
For a cake Charlie decided this year that she wanted one of those giant cookies and vanilla ice cream. We made it look like the "heart of the island."
She was great at blowing the candles out this year. I guess that's what happens when you turn four.

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